Race Recap

It’s been a while folks! Life has been a little hectic lately to say the least, but I’m finally here to share the results of my 5K I ran last weekend.

The morning didn’t start out so great as I woke up at 3:30 with the babies and didn’t go back to sleep. I was actually really nervous about running this race. I have never put pressure on myself like this before.

The course was pretty flat, which was great! I started my RunKeeper app and at 5 minutes, it told me my pace was 9:05, which is insane! I’ve never run that fast before! I stopped a few times to walk, mainly to get my heart rate down. At one point I looked down and my heart rate was at 97 bpm!

Image Right before I crossed the finish line, I saw my husband and these two cuties! They gave me that last little push I needed to book it across the finish line!

I finished the race with a time of 33:44! I honestly could not believe it! I cut off 3 minutes from the last 5K I ran almost two years ago. I was feeling pretty good!


 I forgot to stop my watch after the race, but my heart rate was still pumping and I was walking back to the car, so I guess it’s okay! 😉

That afternoon, we headed over to my in-laws for an early Father’s Day celebration.


 I volunteered to make lunch, so I made tacos. They really hit the spot!

Overall, it was a great day! I’m looking forward to running the next one on August 3. My husband is running it with me and going to push the girls in the stroller.

Have you ran a race recently? How did it go?


Getting Back in the Groove

Well, well, the babies finally seem to be on the mend of their tummy bug so things are starting to get back to normal. We had a pretty lazy weekend, but here’s your recap!

ImageSaturday morning I had my current favorite breakfast: low sodium Ezekiel toast with natural peanut butter and some watermelon. Oh, and of couse coffee. I can’t function without it! 🙂


After breakfast, the girls went down for their nap and I headed over to our local co op to pick up my very first basket. I know co ops are old news to many, but I was pretty excited to get all this produce for $16. Everything I have tasted so far is really tasty too. Definitely going to be doing this regularly.


The girls were still asleep when I came home so I decided to go outside for a run. It was a little disappointing to say the least. I only ran for a total of 20 minutes and made it 1.83 miles. Although, I didn’t really make an effort to workout or run last week, so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

I have my 5K coming up this Saturday. I’m hoping I can do a little better than my last run, but first I have to make it out to the gym at least 3 more times this week.

Poor babies!

The babies picked up a tummy bug and have been feeling pretty yucky! As a mom, it kills me to see them not feeling well. You can tell they are so confused. It’s just so much for a 9 month old to understand. Luckily, we went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine. We have gotten a lot of sleep and snuggles and hopefully they will be on the mend soon!

Because I’ve been taking care of them and sanitizing our entire house, I haven’t been able to workout and I’ve been eating whatever I can grab and eat while doing something else. I’m hoping to get back in the gym tonight, or at least get in a few Pop Pilates videos in after the babies go to bed.

I’m running a 5K a week from tomorrow. I’m not sure I’m ready for it! I’m hoping to get out to the park in the morning for a practice run to see how I do!

I hope you have a great weekend!


I’ve been following Blogilates for a couple months now so when Cassey announced she was hosting a DietBet game I knew I had to get involved. A DietBet game is started and anyone who wants to join adds money to the pot. For this game, everyone put in $25. You then have a month to lose 4% of your body weight and everyone who does is a “winner.” The pot is then split between all the winners!


This a screen shot from my profile. So far, I’ve lost 3.8 pounds, which I’m sure is water weight. I’m loving the support and encouragement from this community! There are over 5,500 people playing in this game! If you follow #blogilatesbet on Instagram, you’ll see pictures people are posting of their meals, post workout sweaty selfies, and motivation!

I still have 10-12 pounds to lose before I get to my “goal weight,” but honestly, I’m just using the scale as a guide. If I feel comfortable with my body, then I will certainly start maintenance  My main priority is to get fit, toned and overall healthier. I can already see a big difference from 2 months ago!

Already Slacking?!

So Friday afternoon proved to be quite difficult when the babies decided they didn’t need another nap. By the time they finally went to bed I was so frazzled that I couldn’t wait to go to the gym!

ImageI guess you could say I worked out some frustration! I did 15 minutes each on the treadmill  elliptical and bike. I really pushed myself speed wise and I was so dead after. I love ending my cardio sessions with a little weight training, so I did a short circuit using the arm machines at the gym. My arm strength is really lacking! I really need to add more focus there!

Saturday morning we got up and the whole family headed to Kennesaw Mountain for a short hike. The trail to the mountain is about a mile, plus there is a pretty good walk from the parking lot. Saturdays tend to bring out the crowds there!


We recently got Chris a baby carrier and we have been using them a lot. the girls really seem to love them and they love being outside. It’s quite nice to get out and exercise as a family. We will for sure be doing a lot of this over the summer.


I’ve never hiked with a baby strapped to my chest, but it proved to be quite the workout. We both loved it though. She kept looking up at me and smiling. She loved the wind blowing in her face and looking out at nature surrounding her


I really love the anticipation of seeing how many calories I burned at the end of the workout!

I usually take Sundays as my rest day. We took the girls to the park so they could swing a bit and took a short little walk around. It’s so nice getting outside.

Monday night I did an at home workout to some YouTube videos. I really enjoy Cassey Ho’s blogilates videos. I’ve been roughly following her monthly calendars and really see a difference in my body!

I missed my workout yesterday due to our A/C repair man being at our house until 11:00 at night. That’s another story in itself.

Stay tuned for my next post about the June DietBet I am apart of.

New Beginnings

I’ve recently gotten inspired to get into shape for the first time since high school. I gave birth to the most precious twin girls last August and have been using them as an excuse to not take care of my health. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy and up until 2 months ago I lost all but 7 pounds of it. 

Two months ago I decided enough was enough. Breastfeeding wasn’t going to help me drop those last pounds while still eating fast food and pre packaged snacks! I decided I was going to start Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred.” I did up until day 12 or 13 and decided I was way too bored doing the same workout. Then I found Cassey Ho from Blogilates.com and she has been a huge inspiration! I started using her monthly calendars. 

Along with working out, I started making more of an effort in cooking quick, simple meals. I cut out all junk food and most prepackaged foods and really started to notice a difference. One month from when I started the 30 Day Shred I had lost 8 pounds! I couldn’t believe it! 

I’m working on month two now, and I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with my eating, but I’m getting back on now. I joined my local gym and I’ve been working out there 4-5 days a week. I’ve always hated running, but I never gave it a good shot. I’ve started with the C25K  program and I’m doing great! I’m really enjoying the running. Which is good because I’m running my first postpartum 5K on June 15! 

I’m sorry for the long first post, but I just wanted to give a little background on the first month and a half of my new fitness journey!